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Henriette Tronrud 

Henriette Tronrud is an art director and photographer with a broad experience from the creative industry both national and international. Her photography was most recently exhibited in Sydney and Tel Aviv. A graduate of Westerdals, her work is grounded in a strong passion for visual storytelling and communication, covering both print, photography and film. She has a beating heart for stop motion and animation, but enjoys every genre. Always finding inspiration in the work and creative energy of others it is with excitement she is looking forward to being part of this years jury. Born and raised in Hønefoss, she divides her time between her own creative agency in Oslo and her role as creative director at local real estate company Tronrud Eiendom.



Andrew Ogorodnikov

Andrew Ogorodnikov - psychologist, musician and multi-awarded director. Having no cinema education, in 2015 Andrew released the debut project "Closer" where he participated as a writer and the director. Living in Mari El Republic, that is rich in wonderful nature, he get himself on a thought that it would be a great place to make one. The short music film "CLOSER" collected elements of the Russian national and Mari folklore. The project was actively presented at international venues, forums and film festivals. To date, international award winner and filmmaker Andrew actively participates in the implementation of all possible video projects: short films, promos, social projects, advertisement. During the festival Andrew will screen his latest film shot in Hønefoss, Norway in 2017.

Svein Jr Slåtsveen

Teacher, amateur photographer, father of 5 children, passionately engaged in film, photo and culture. Svein likes to catch the right moment for future generations.

Adama Ulrich

Dr. Adama Ulrich, born in Berlin, Germany, studied culture theory at the Humboldt-University in Berlin and received her PhD in dramatics in 1993. Until 1995 she learned her journalistic skills at the East German Broadcaster Brandenburg. Adama works as a freelancer for TV and Radio, particularly for the French-German broadcaster ARTE. She lectures film skills including directing at several institutions, e.g. the FU Berlin University. Her latest documentary film about the “Volksbuehne”-theatre in Berlin and its director Frank Castorf, “Partisan”, received the audience award at the 69th Berlinale. Adama is the Chairman of the Jury at the RIYFF 2019.