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Lisa Rüth 

Lisa Rüth is a screenwriter based in Cologne, Germany where she received her Master Degree in Theatre- Film- and Television Sience in 2012. She was several times a member of the student Jury of the Cologne Conference (international film- and television festival). Lisa also spent a semester aborad in West Australia at the Murdoch University with main emphasis on World Cinema and Indigenous Cinema. Lisa worked as a screenwriter for different private TV-Stations in Germany and continues writing screenplays as a freelance. She has a great passion for films and series and loves stories wich are told outside of the conventional. At the RIYFF Lisa will also hold a workshop about screenwriting.


Andrew Ogorodnikov

Andrew Ogorodnikov - psychologist, musician and multi-awarded director. Having no cinema education, in 2015 Andrew released the debut project "Closer" where he participated as a writer and the director. Living in Mari El Republic, that is rich in wonderful nature, he get himself on a thought that it would be a great place to make one. The short music film "CLOSER" collected elements of the Russian national and Mari folklore. The project was actively presented at international venues, forums and film festivals. To date, international award winner and filmmaker Andrew actively participates in the implementation of all possible video projects: short films, promos, social projects, advertisement. During the festival Andrew will screen his latest film shot in Hønefoss, Norway in 2017.



Steinar Hybertsen

Steinar Hybertsen is an outstanding documentary filmmaker and film producer born in Hønefoss, Norway and based in the United States. Before starting his filming career Steinar was a legendary cross country skiier which made him move in the 70`s from Norway to America on a skiing scholarship. His love to Norway though always brought him back to Hønefoss. In his numerous films Steinar likes to connect historical topics that are of Norwegian and American interest. In his latest films he concentrates on his hometown Hønefoss such as in telling the story of the forest industry at Østlandet. Steinar constantly explores new topics and styles of filmmaking and motivates young filmmakers. Steinar will screen his latest film about Endometriose, “The Painfull Truth”, at the RIYFF 2018.


Dr. Adama Ulrich

Dr. Adama Ulrich, born in Berlin, Germany, studied culture theory at the Humboldt-University in Berlin and received her PhD in dramatics in 1993. Until 1995 she learned her journalistic skills at the East German Broadcaster Brandenburg. Adama works as a freelancer for TV and Radio, particularly for the French-German broadcaster ARTE. She lectures film skills including directing at several institutions, e.g. the FU Berlin University. Her latest documentary film about the “Volksbuehne”-theatre in Berlin and its director Frank Castorf, “Partisan”, received the audience award at the 69th Berlinale. Adama is the Chairman of the Jury at the RIYFF 2018.